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We are grateful for the incredible support, time, advice, feedback, stories and ideas we have received, and would like to take this opportunity to thank as many of these people and organisations as possible - we couldn't have done it without you.
100 Great Black Britons
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Thank you to the Link Up team, volunteers and interns who have donated their time to make this project possible:

Binita Ahmed, Harry Bonnell, Paul Caton, Ahmed Farah, Malta Genbus, Sagar Govindaraju, Michael Hough, Jemima Hubberstey, Helen Jeal, Justyna Ladosz, Selina Larsen, Gianluca Lorenzini, Mamum Madaser,
Levana Magnus, Seb Major, Emma Martin, Ella Mcalister, Ka McCarthy, Amelia Odida, Costanza Porro, Sophie Price, Liz Robertson, Freddy Russell, Bianca Russo, Lara Salha, Cynthia Thwala,
Will Tolcher, Russell Watson, Rachel Worrell