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Aston Mansfield

In 2000, Aston-Mansfield was created by the merger of two charities – Aston Charities Trust and The Mansfield Settlement – who had been working in east London since the late 19th century. The ethos of Aston-Mansfield’s work has always been about its buildings; the community anchors for local people, open to all.

Some of the services that we provided over 100 years ago are not so different to those we deliver today. The Busby Scouts group started in the original Durning Hall in 1908 and meet weekly to this day. With many regular clubs and groups, Durning Hall became a …



Ekta Project

“Since I started coming to Mehfil Care Group I have made so many friends, I am not lonely anymore”

- A user of Ekta Project services

Translated as “Unity” in English, Ekta Project – founded in 1986 – has been tirelessly campaigning for the rights of Asian elders in Newham and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Providing equal opportunities and access to care for Asian elders is something that has a personal resonance for founder and CEO Ramesh Verma OBE.

Born in Tanzania, Ramesh moved to the …



Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a charity which works with people in need in the Newham area, especially those who are homeless, the elderly and those with mental health issues.

On entering the house located just off Barking Road, you immediately feel a sense of quiet and familiarity: people chatting over a cup of tea in the conservatory looking out onto a peaceful garden –the centre of all the activities during the summer. Helping Hands provides food to people in need and is one of only three organisations in London that offers a place to sleep for free, …