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Professor Strom-Olsen

Professor Strom-Olsen was merely 32 years old when he was appointed Superintendent of the Runwell Hospital in 1937. At the time, the role was not only prestigious, but also carried a great deal of administrative power. Olsen was fully in charge of the hospital and in a position to make and carry out decisions that had an impact on the entire institution.

Despite his young age, it was the doctor’s first aim to create a nurturing environment for the treatment of patients and to encourage a proactive and advanced research approach. Following these cardinal principals, one …



Professor John Corsellis and The Runwell Hospital

The Runwell Hospital was founded in 1936 and immediately began admitting its first patients. Originally located in the East Ham area of London, this institution was created exclusively for curing patients affected by mental health issues, and from the beginning, the Runwell proved to be a highly experimental hospital.

Although some of its practices would today be considered quite controversial, the Runwell was the first hospital to open an Electroencephalography Department and always possessed a cutting edge research team. It was in this new era that, following World War II, Professor John Arthur Nicholas Corsellis began …