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Gandhi meets Chaplin

Mahatma Gandhi arrived in London in 1931 to attend the Round Table Conference where he spoke eloquently about Indian independence. While he attended the conference Gandhi choose to make his home in Kingsley Hall for 12 weeks. This hostel was run by Socialist pacifist Muriel Lester and was located in Bow in East London. While Gandhi was in London, a meeting between himself and Charlie Chaplin occurred in Canning Town. This meeting took place in Dr Katial’s house who was an acquaintance of Gandhi’s.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the house to catch a glimpse of the meeting between Chaplin …



Under the Stars

Under the Stars is the popular annual musical festival hosted by the borough of Newham. This musical extravaganza usually takes place in Central Park in East Ham, where local residents and Londoners gather for four nights of music concerts and events. From reggae to rock, bhangra to classical, seventies soul to current hits, the festival can count on the collaboration of artists from all over the world, with a particular attention to diversity in genre and origin. Every night is themed and some of the most loved regular participants are the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with their live classical …