About Us

The Newham Family Tree aims to collect and share stories which show the huge benefits diversity has brought to the borough, in the past and today. We want to raise awareness of the positive contributions from individuals and groups across Newham, much of which has gone unrecognised. We want to bring these stories to as wide an audience as possible. And through this, we hope to increase shared understanding of our communities and challenge division, stereotypes and myths – in particular the myth that diversity is a recent, negative phenomenon.

The Newham Family Tree is a project from Link Up (UK), a charity created to promote equality and fight discrimination in British communities. Diversity has benefitted Britain throughout history to today, from our food to our music and cultural icons. It is this contribution of peoples from all diverse backgrounds that has made Britain the country it is today. Whilst Britain is a vibrant and great country, we still have a way to go before all are valued irrespective of ethnicity, religion or any other perceived differences. We only hear the scare stories and don’t get to hear the everyday, positive contributions made by our diverse communities. So we have decided to shout about it! Link Up (UK) is developing a number of national digital projects. All of which will combat the suspicion felt towards ‘different’ communities and raise awareness of their positive contributions to British life. We want to get people involved, challenge preconceptions and stimulate debate about what it means to be British. As well as the Newham Family Tree, we are also creating myth-busting resources for schools, there’s a ‘Greatest Britons’ campaign in the making, along with a British Charter.
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What we have been up to

Education Materials

We have been working with schools and community groups, in order to get young people actively involved in our diversity programmes whilst learning important practical skills such as research, analysis, and presentation skills.

Myth Busting

We are currently working on a Myth Busting project which – as the title suggests – aims to pick apart the widely held but false beliefs about certain groups of people. We’re rigorously putting these myths to the test to show the reality they’re trying to hide.
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